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Say hello to TypeScript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that has optional typing and compiles to plain JavaScript. Technically its JavaScript with static typing, whenever you want to have it.

Different types of Shopify apps

In this lesson, we will learn about four types (Public, private, custom and draft apps) of Shopify apps and different characteristics for each type of app.

Laravel/Php - How to serve gzipped content from S3

Until last month, our apps were serving JavaScript files from s3 without any compression and one of our customer asked us if we can enable gzip compression on the assets being served.

A Practical guide to use LocalStorage and SessionStorage

SessionStorage and LocalStorage are a simple key/value pair storage and only the string type of data can be stored. SessionStorage and LocalStorage both has same API. Both storage objects provide same methods and properties.

A Practical guide to use Fetch API

Fetch is a promise based Javascript API for making asynchronous HTTP requests. It is a clean, simple, powerful and a flexible API to get/send data from/to a server.